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Yangzhou museums offer online viewing services

(seeyangzhou.com)Updated: 2022-03-14

In the face of the novel coronavirus outbreak, all museums in Yangzhou have been closed since Jan 24.

While people are confined to their homes, they can explore the museums and enjoy various exhibitions through virtual tours, which have grown in popularity during the epidemic.

Users can enjoy a range of activities with the press of a few buttons on their phone, such as viewing photos and videos of relics, touring virtual exhibitions and listening to explanations of certain relics.

A total of 13 online exhibitions and nine museums in Yangzhou are offering online services through their official websites, WeChat and Sina Weibo. Let's take a look at them.

1. Yangzhou Museum

Digital Museum of Yangzhou Museum: http://3vking.com/yangbo/vtour/tour.html 


Scan the QR code to enjoy the exhibition of cultural relics along the Grand Canal online. [Photo/yangzhou.gov.cn]

Exhibition of achievements of the first national general survey of movable cultural relics in Jiangsu Province: https://pano.yzmuseum.com/jswwpc/Yangzhou2.html 

Exhibition of books and paintings in Tianjin Museum of Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou: http://preview.bluenion.com/yangzhou2/Yangzhou.html 

Introduction to cultural relics in Yangzhou Museum: https://www.yzmuseum.com/website/treasure/list.php 

Official WeChat account of Yangzhou Museum: yzmuseum

2. Memorial Hall of Shi Kefa: http://skfjng.cn 

3. Memorial Hall of Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou

Official WeChat account: gh_73d24a4df7c1

4. Yangzhou Bonsai Museum

Official WeChat account: yangzhoubonsaimuseum

5. Yangzhou Shugang Tang City Scenic Area

Official WeChat account: yzhanlingyuan

6. Yizheng Museum: http://www.yzmuseum.cn 

Official WeChat account: yzsbwg

7. Jiangdu Museum

Official WeChat account: jdmuseum123

8. Baoying Museum

Official WeChat account: gh_a56072fb11f5

9. Gaoyou Museum

Official WeChat account: gh_347f5f1a15c1

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